Student Life

Ham vs Turkey

Every year there is a controversial debate around the best Thanksgiving meat. This debate has caused fights, relationships ending, and irreparable family bonds. The SAU students picked their sides when it came to this classic back and forth, ham or turkey.

Most students are team ham over turkey for one main reason, “Turkey I find that a lot of the meat is dry, especially the breast meat.” These are the words of Michael Tappa, who is strongly on team ham. 

Tappa wasn’t the only person to point out the dryness of turkey, Megan Weisrock and Kaylee Parsons also agreed that turkey was dry with Weisrock even calling it “tough”. 

Senior Laney Gonzalez also chose team ham over team turkey, “Ham but if its that honey tasting type ham,” she stated. 

There were some students on team turkey who absolutely stood on business against ham, “Ham is disgusting,” says RA Hannah Knowles. 

She went on to reiterate her disdain for the pieces of fat in ham and how much ham is a no go for her come Thanksgiving by simply saying, “No ham.” 

Another student, freshman Anthony Salinas is also on team turkey, “Turkey, because turkey tastes better.” A very simple man Salinas is.

Another student to make a stance was sophomore Sydney Shapkauski, who chose team ham with a valid analysis. “Turkey is overrated, usually ends up dry and kinda hard to eat. Ham is just a nice solid flat line block that you can chew right through.”

Some students also wanted to share their personal Thanksgiving traditions aside from their stance on ham vs turkey.

When it comes to students and their Thanksgiving traditions, they are absolutely different for each individual. For the Weisrock family they have interesting traditions, “We always have something apple flavored for desert but we always change it up. And for family traditions, birdwatching.” 

Weisrock spoke on how her grandparents’ backyard has a lot of bird feeders so they sit and watch the birds come and go every Thanksgiving. 

For Michael Tappa, his Thanksgiving tradition is very simple, “Pumpkin pie, I always have pumpkin pie. It doesn’t matter if I don’t have ham or turkey, I gotta have pumpkin pie otherwise it’s not Thanksgiving.”

“I always make four gallons of sweet tea because that’s how much my family drinks on Thanksgiving,” Parsons said giggling. “And 1/5th gallon of unsweetened tea for my diabetic Uncle Rick,” she added as well. 

The Knowles family tradition is easy and fun, “We always play Euchre after…It’s an old people’s game and my family is a bunch of old people, so we all play it and it’s super fun.”

When it comes to Black Friday most people are not participating, for some they will be shopping online. “Yeah, working as well as shopping for sure. I gotta do both”, said Wiesrock in a very sure tone. 

“This Thanksgiving I’m grateful for my family,” added Hannah Knowles. Regardless of if you are team ham or team turkey, be grateful for something or somebody in your lives this Thanksgiving. Whether it is your best friend, pet, or even your bed, appreciate this holiday and stay safe.