Welcome to The Hive

At St. Ambrose University, we believe journalists are explorers who witness the world and share those stories to affect change. At SAU, you’ll learn the art of balancing facts, perspective, and personal stories.

We expect students to build their ethical core, explore their creativity boundaries and gain the ability to inform readers and viewers in a thought-provoking manner.

And The HIVE is the place to do just that.

SAUtv, KALA-FM, and The Buzz give you hands-on opportunities to build your writing and technical skills. Here, under the watchful eye of advisors with real-world experience to share, you’ll be able to start making your mark in journalism now.

Be inquisitive. Ask questions. Collect answers. Then share your dedication to the truth with the world.

Through SAUtv, KALA-FM, and The Buzz, you can inform readers and viewers about events, words, and actions that impact them. Be guided by experienced faculty who are dedicated to helping you become an ethical, creative journalist.

Welcome to The Hive. Let’s get things buzzing.