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Super Bowl or Taylor Bowl?

Above: Taylor Swift embraces Travis Kelce after his big Super Bowl win.


With the completion of Super Bowl LVII and another Chiefs win, there were three big shifts in the sports world. There is a new NFL Championship team, the end of the NFL season, and football fans won’t have to worry about seeing Taylor Swift on their TVs for a few months. 

Taylor Swift has been seen at every Kansas City Chiefs game this past NFL season since she started dating Chiefs Tight-end, Travis Kelce. 

SAU students gave their opinions on how Taylor Swift can affect the Super Bowl in more ways than one.

Freshman Samara Thompson talked about how it could affect the players directly. “I think as far as Taylor Swift’s impact on the Super Bowl, it will affect some of the athletes mentally. I was watching an interview with Brock Purdy [and] this interviewer gave the statement ‘what if you disappoint Taylor?’ and why would that matter to a professional athlete? And you could see Brock was affected by this.” Thompson also predicted a higher attendance rate at the big game due to Taylor Swift.

Other students, however, were split on the topic of Taylor being present to support her boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs Tight-end, Travis Kelce.

“I’m tired of the NFL pushing her because it boosts their profit,” said Luke Vera who is a big 49ers fan himself.

Above: Taylor Swift performing at her Eras Tour. Photo: Alexander Lewis

Sydnee Horstman had a different view of the discussion, “I think it gives the NFL good publicity, more money, and I don’t think it should be an issue that Taylor is there.” 

Horstman then went on to elaborate, “She has a boyfriend and she has every right to come and support her boyfriend and it happens to be that he’s good at what he does and made it to the Super Bowl.”

Freshman Christina McMahon gave a very honest and thoughtful opinion, “I really like Taylor Swift’s music but I’m personally really tired of everyone arguing and talking about if she’s an amazing or terrible person. I think people are just going to be super obnoxious and make the Super Bowl negative if she’s shown on screen one time, which personally is really stupid because why are we spending time focusing on a celebrity? Just focus on yourself.”

“With the amount of ‘Swifties’ watching football because she’s there, they’re gonna show her more to continue getting those higher view counts,” says Junior Andy Wirth.  

He goes on about the NFL showing Taylor on TV stating, “It can be annoying how much they show her, but she doesn’t necessarily control that, he doesn’t control that. It’s more what will get the channel more views.”

Sydney Shapkauski did not hold back her feelings on Taylor and Travis at all. “I’m sick of Taylor Swift being everywhere. She’s just a girl like a lot of people. I want to see her boyfriend lose so everyone can shut up about it.”

It was inevitable that Taylor Swift would be shown at the Super Bowl in any capacity. With the entire nation up in arms about her presence in football and her existence in general, the question does remain. Why does everyone care so much about her and her relationship with Travis Kelce in the first place? And that answer is for you to find out from within.