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Passion, Purpose, and Podcasting

Above: Evie Breitbach poses with a microphone in one of the several podcasting locations on campus. Photo courtesy of Marin Tadrus.

Amid the lively and impulsive banter of collegiate talk, Evie Breitbach, a soft-spoken SAU
sophomore, shatters the stereotype as she unveils a side of herself never heard before. Beyond
the lecture halls, where she is known to have a quiet presence, Evie jumps headfirst into a
journey in podcasting, armed with just a microphone and a supply of unspoken passions.

“Growing up, I was a quiet kid. I would get told to speak up in class, and people would often not
value my words because I was so quiet.”

Despite the bias towards extroverted behavior, where outspoken individuals can be commonly
seen as confident and authoritative, Evie defies the odds. Her podcasts act as a platform to be
heard and demonstrate her worth by doing what might have seemed impossible for someone
struggling against society’s expectations.

So how does a girl who once felt voiceless suddenly decide to take on podcasting? Evie
reminisced about the times in high school when she and her friend Trina playfully toyed with the
idea of launching their own podcast.

When Evie finally started her podcast, “Midweek Musings”, on SAU’s KALA student radio
station, the most appealing thing was the ability to bring to life a concept she conceived years
ago with Trina. However, the many miles that now separate the old friends makes Evie yearn for
the days when they could have shared the podcast together.

One episode of “Midweek Musings” tackles the contemplative question of “Are there more
wheels or doors in the world?” followed by another episode exploring the bizarre query, “Can I
get AI to fall in love with me?”

“Some of the episodes come out with very fever-dreamy topics (like the AI series) because I was
so sleep deprived when I thought of it, and then didn’t realize how weird it was until it’s literally
live on the radio.”

Evie’s approach involves connecting these seemingly eccentric ideas to real-world events.
Inspiration often strikes during bouts of insomnia, prompting Evie to jot down these ideas and let
them ruminate for a few days while she contemplates the direction she wants to take.

Despite her clear ambition and creativity, Evie says she grapples with imposter syndrome,
fearing she is playing a role rather than authentically podcasting. Over time, she overcame this
hurdle simply by immersing herself more in the process

“I came out of my shell in high school. I got comfortable talking to all types of different people,
enough to the point that I wouldn’t consider myself a quiet person. Rather, I choose my words
tactfully. I think that helps in the podcasting process because I don’t ramble very much.”

While Evie openly admits that the idea of an audience can be nerve-wracking, she found a way
to navigate the challenge. “When I record, I just pretend like I’m the only one who will ever hear
it.” Opting to record in the isolation of her closet when at home shows her thoughtful approach to
create a more reassuring environment for her sessions.

One standout moment for Evie is the episode “Wheels vs. Doors,” featuring her sister as a guest
star. Reflecting on the close quarters recording setup at their house with just one microphone, she
shuddered at the thought of having more guests, “I picture that setup and am horrified.”

While solo episodes give Evie flexibility in recording, allowing her to take her time and perfect
each segment, collaborations present challenges. “With a guest, it’s harder because they are so
nervous to mess up, and I have to work with topics they want to talk about and then find a time
to record.”

For Evie, podcasting has become huge for her personal growth. It has honed her speaking skills,
as well as her organizational and time management skills. “I’ve been better about speaking
clearly and concisely, and I don’t get embarrassed when I hear a recording of my voice.”

As a one-woman operation handling writing, recording, editing, and production, she navigates
podcasting with a sense of accomplishment, and as each episode releases, Evie’s confidence

Looking forward, she aspires for her podcast to evolve beyond a creative outlet. She envisions it
as a potential source of income, something she not only finds exciting but also immensely

The idea of turning her passion into a sustainable job adds an extra layer of motivation for Evie,
creating a path where personal fulfillment meets professional success.

You can catch the next episode of “Midweek Musings” on SoundCloud or on The Buzz, St.
Ambrose’s official website for all campus news.

Marin Tadrus is a staff writer for The Buzz.