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KALA FM 88.5PodcastsSummer Eats

Summer Eats: La Duena Cocina

AJ and Michael are back for the summer of 2024 with the award-winning “Summer Eats.” On this episode, La Duena Cocina at 1330 Washington Street, Davenport, Iowa, is featured in this lunchtime review. Special guests ...
May 30, 2024
From The HiveKALA FM 88.5Podcasts

From the Hive: Episode 29 – May 14, 2024

In the KALA Scholar Bees’ FINAL EPISODE of the term, had the privilege to chat with University Chaplain Fr. Ross Epping. They discuss finals week, summer plans, and Fr. Ross reminisces about his time at ...
May 21, 2024
KALA FM 88.5PodcastsSchiestel Speaks SportsStudent Life

Bouncing Around: The Transfer Portal and College Athletics

In a special edition of "Schiestel Speaks Sports", host Ryan Schiestel sits down with junior basketball player Kieran Farrell to discuss the rules, positives, negatives, and future of the transfer portal in college athletics.
May 13, 2024
KALA FM 88.5Midweek MusingsPodcasts

Midweek Musings: Mind Over Matter?

Have you ever wondered if the mind can truly go farther than the physical body? Can you think your way out of uncomfortable or painful situations? In the last episode of season three, Evie will ...
May 9, 2024
KALA FM 88.5Midweek MusingsPodcasts

Midweek Musings: Life’s Little Questions

On Midweek Musings, we spend a lot of time discussing life’s biggest questions. But what about some of the smaller ones? They’re just as important! This week, Evie speed-runs a plethora of little musings about ...
May 2, 2024
KALA FM 88.5PodcastsSportsGeek Radio

SportsGeek Radio: Episode 21 – NBA Playoffs

We’re back! In our new episode, host Elijah Jakovec is joined by Jake Kaczmarek, Jackson Marker, and Amarey Wills of the SAU men’s basketball team to discuss the NBA playoff season.  They discuss which players ...
May 2, 2024