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Word on The Street: Valentine’s Day Plans

Love is in the air! With Valentine’s Day approaching quickly, SAU students were asked to share some of their favorite parts of Valentine’s Day, and anything they were especially excited for this year. Let’s see what they had to say:

“What is your favorite part of Valentine’s Day, or what is something fun you are looking forward to this Valentine’s Day?”


Year: Freshman

Hometown: Davenport, Iowa

Major: Psychology

“I’m looking forward to having a galentine’s photo shoot with my best friends on valentine’s day!”


Year: Freshman

Hometown: Muscatine, Iowa

Majors: Psychology and Sociology

“My favorite part of Valentine’s day is having a day that’s about celebrating love. I look forward to spending time with my loved ones.” 


Year: Senior

Hometown: Oneida, Iowa

Major: Exercise Science

“My favorite part of Valentine’s Day is the aftermath of the holiday, (I.E. the candy on sale afterward.) I enjoy the overall vibe of the holiday. This year, since I’m a bit older, I have a goal to spend more of the month surrounded by my close friends and family.”


Year: Freshman 

Hometown: Lockport, Illinois

Majors: Finance and Business Management

“I’m excited to participate in the North Hall valentine’s exchange because I sent messages for all my friends, and hopefully I’ll get some too. It will be like second grade all over again. My favorite part of valentine’s day is eating the mini heart-shaped candy with the cool messages on them.”


Year: Senior

Hometown: Elmwood Part, Illinois

Major: Exercise Science

“My favorite part of Valentine’s Day is being able to show my appreciation to those I love in my life! My family, friends, and significant other play a big part in my life and I look forward to spending quality time with them!”