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Word on the Street: COVID-19 Vaccine

Vaccine Photo

When the COVID-19 pandemic shut down schools like St. Ambrose University in March of 2020, everyone was unsure what was next. Would there be a return to normal in a week, year, or more? How long will schools be shut down? What are the steps that individuals and society need to take to move forward?

The answer that many have been eagerly awaiting is a vaccine. As vaccine rollout continues across the country, there is still a great debate whether to get the vaccine or not. 

For college students in Iowa, many are not yet eligible within the current vaccine roll-out phase. However, plenty of other students have already begun or completed their vaccine.

Currently in the Scott County area, where St. Ambrose is located, students involved in health care fields and other front line jobs have been able to get the vaccine. In addition, students who qualify as high risk are now able to be vaccinated. 

But just because the vaccines are quickly becoming highly available in the area, will students find themselves getting the vaccine? 

Click here for more information about the vaccine in relation to St. Ambrose University.

If you haven’t already done so, will you be getting the vaccine when you are able to? Why or why not?

Photo courtesy of Sidney Michel

Name: Sidney Michel
Year: Sophomore
Major: Special Education, Pre-Speech-Language Pathology
Hometown: Maquooketa, Iowa

“Yes. I just got my first dose on Monday. I want to do my part and the pros outweigh the cons.”

Photo courtesy of Savannah Wilson

Name: Savannah Wilson
Year: Sophomore
Major: Marketing and Management
Hometown: Washington, Illinois

“Yeah I will eventually when it is my phase because I want to slow the spread of COVID-19.”

Photo courtesy of Bridget Ferguson

Name: Bridget Ferguson
Year: Junior
Major: Graphic Design
Hometown: Rock Island, Illinois

“Yes. I work at a grocery store so I am a front-line employee and am already fully vaccinated. I got the vaccine to keep my grandparents and others safe because it is important for all of our healths.”

Photo courtesy of Lily Roth

Name: Lily Roth
Year: Freshman
Major: Graphic Design
Hometown: Dubuque, Iowa

“I will be getting the vaccine when I am able to because I want to do my part to keep myself and those around me safe. 

Photo courtesy of Lexi Teague

Name: Elexis Teague
Year: Junior
Major: Graphic Design
Hometown: Davenport

“I’m not really sure yet. Since I have asthma I’m more susceptible to getting sick from both COVID and the vaccine, so I’m torn. It also scares me a little that people are getting sick and some people are dying just days after getting their second doses. I’m more on the side of waiting a little bit until they’ve made it a little more stable, because I do want to get it so I can protect other people but I don’t wanna die in the process.”

Photo courtesy of Heather Hoeger

Name: Heather Hoeger
Year: Senior
Major: Accounting
Hometown: Eldridge, Iowa

“I will probably not get the vaccine right away as I am still curious about the long term effects of it. I also do not normally get the flu shot.”

Photo courtesy of Claire Johnson

Name: Claire Johnson
Year: Senior
Major: Nursing
Hometown: Geneseo, Illinois

“Yes! I have gotten the COVID-19 vaccine. I chose to get vaccinated for all the patients I care for, my family, and for a return to normal!”