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Wellness tips and tricks

Wellness tips and tricks with Lindsay Hohertz, a mental health Outreach Specialist at St. Ambrose. 

What are some simple things anyone could do to lower stress caused by school and life?

“Recognize what is causing you stress, and see what is in your control of the situation. Then take small steps to make change. Keep healthy boundaries in place, and know that your time is valuable.”

Sign pointing toward the counseling center in the Rogalski Center.
Photo courtesy of Allisyn Blaser.

What should students do when feeling overwhelmed?

“Take a step back and think about how that feeling is being processed throughout your body.  Then think about when the feeling started and if there is a pattern associated with specific situations that make you feel overwhelmed. Building your awareness of the reason behind the feeling will help put more in your control.”

What should professors keep in mind when they know a student is feeling overwhelmed? 

“Professors can keep in mind that expectations still stand. If expectations are shifted, that does not reflect the real world. Steps to meet expectations can change depending on student needs, however, they need to be reasonable and reflect future careers. Building resiliency, and communicating needs appropriately, are helpful skills in being successful in the workforce.”

Eastern Iowa Mental Health and Disability Region pamphlet.
Photo courtesy of Allisyn Blaser

What are some resources provided through the university that students can utilize?

“Therapy Assistance Online-a good place for self assessments and practicing mindfulness exercises.  Use ASK LISTEN REFER training ( so students can know what to do if they or someone else is having suicidal ideation. These are two not all students are aware of. Also, check out all the resources associated with the library. Interlibrary loan and the online databases also give students the opportunity to look into various topics.”

What resources can students use if they are not ready for face-to-face meetings/therapy sessions?

“SAU has workshops available in person in Franklin for small groups and online at SAU Bees Mental Health Care. Therapy Assistance Online also has therapy modalities to look into. Also, some students talk to their friends about therapy. We have a lot of students that come to us and say their friends recommended it. The SAU counseling center is looking into other ways they can provide mental health services to students other than just individual sessions.”

Resources outside of the counseling center in the Rogalski Center.
Photo courtesy of Allisyn Blaser.

Since mental health is still a kinda taboo subject, what is one thing you’d say to someone who is struggling/feels alone in what they are experiencing?

“It is one thing to say “you’re not alone,” and some people do find that comforting because it makes a big empty space feel more filled.  If you are feeling alone or are struggling, think about the last time you didn’t feel this way.  What did that entail?  Are there aspects you can replicate?”