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Top 5 store bought Halloween candies

Every Halloween people must choose which candy they want to give (or eat for themselves). For some, Kit Kats reign king, but others prefer s’mores around fall campfire. For most people, however, they’re left with whatever is on the store shelves. In this list, I will name the top five candies found on a convenience store shelves.

5. PEZ

PEZ Photo courtesy of Raymond Ambrose.

As a popular year-round snack, PEZs are a typical treat for anyone to snack on while at work, running errands or just lounging about. While they can get particularly festive at this time of year, there is nothing truly special separating them from the other 11 months of the year.

4. Junior Mints

Junior Mints. Photo courtesy of Raymond Ambrose.

Another year-round snack, this one rises slightly above PEZs by actually changing more than just packaging for the time of year. The limited addition Halloween specials give an extra sense of holiday flair, allowing it to match the season and rise to No. 4 on this list.

3. Russell Stover chocolate covered marshmallows

Russell Stover chocolate covered Marshmallow. Photo courtesy of Raymond Ambrose.

A more festive treat, this one becomes more Halloween specific with its designs. While not as good as homemade chocolate covered marshmallows, it dives more into the themes of Halloween and is a treat nobody will complain about.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkin. Photo courtesy of Raymond Ambrose.

2. Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkins

This is a treat everybody loves. With that chocolate and peanut butter combination nobody can get enough of, Reese’s is a year-round classic. With a design that perfectly matches the Halloween spirit, it is probably the best single snack everybody can agree on.

1. Candy Corn

Candy Corn. Photo Courtesy of Raymond Ambrose.

While it might not taste better than Reese’s, it compensates due to its notoriety with the season. Love it or hate it, nobody can deny that. If there was one treat they had to associate with Halloween, it would be the little kernel shaped pieces of sugar.