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The Lineup: “Doctor” Brock Lakin – Taking a Step Back

This episode is unique because it features a player who did not play this past season, and not because of an injury. Dave sits down with SAU Junior infielder, Brock Lakin. We will hear how important baseball is in his life, how he ended up playing in college, and his difficult decision to step away from the game, at least this past Spring. Hear some incredible words of wisdom from Brock about how to know when and if you need to step away from the game, as well as finding a balance between school, baseball, and most importantly our lives.

St. Ambrose Baseball Page: www.saubees.com/sports/bsb/index

Brock’s Player Bio: www.saubees.com/sports/bsb/2022-2…/lakin_brock_9api

What is the MCAT?: students-residents.aamc.org/about-mcat-…t-mcat-exam