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The Flu Bug is Abuzz on Campus

Flu season is once again making its annual visit to campus. It’s the time of year that many dread and leaves some with mild symptoms, and others more severe. Healthcare experts say those most affected are 65 and older, people with chronic health conditions, and pregnant mothers. While the CDC recommends those who are six months and older get vaccinated, hopefully by the end of October for strong protection. So, the question is should you get a flu shot this year? Students at SAU
weigh in.

Nursing student Braden Mohr age 19, says “Yes I would most definitely get the flu shot this season.” When asked what his reasoning was, he stated, “I’m Type 1 diabetic, since I have an autoimmune disease, I believe having more protection against the flu is very important.”

Another student,18-year-old Ross Willerth and is majoring in Communications. “I personally will not be getting a flu shot this season. I just don’t really feel the need to as when I get the flu or even a cold, I get over it quickly.”

Severio Hernandez, a 21-year-old Music major here at SAU. Said “Yes, I will be getting the flu shot this season. It’s highly been recommended by people in my circle, and after getting it before I do believe that it really is effective with preventing the flu.”

SGA President Zeek Cuellar

Twenty-two-year-old Psychology major Zeek Cuellar agrees “Yes, I will be getting the flu shot this season. It has been proven through various studies that it does prepare your body to fight against the flu ahead of time, so you either don’t get it or your body is more effective in fighting it off.

Dylan Tucker, a 19-year-old Cybersecurity major. He says he is not a fan of shots. “I would not get the flu shot, honestly, I’m not a fan of needles. I also haven’t had a flu shot since I was in maybe fifth grade.

While I’m not interested in getting a flu shot, I think those who need them and want them totally should. I just personally get lucky with not getting the flu, so I haven’t really felt the need.”

As it stands students were mixed about flu shots, but did advocate in getting one if it’s for your best interest. To get your shot, St. Ambrose University is offering you the chance to get one here on campus. October 18 th at the Rogalski Center from 1 till 3pm. Students, Faculty, Staff and Sodexo employees are all eligible to get their shots on campus. The cost for the shot is $30 is cash, and must be exact change, otherwise, a check can be made out to Genesis Occupational Health for the same amount.

Devin Keto is a staff writer for The Buzz.