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The Courier Movie Review

No Spoilers

The Courier is one of those movies that you would never think of watching but are pleasantly surprised once you do. I only went to it due to a lack of other options but found it enjoyable nonetheless. This movie is not for everybody, however, as it shows how spying works in real life—unlike the theatrics of a Bond film.

As a true story, it shows the struggles real life spies, governments and those who work with them go through in order to get important information. The danger people will put themselves in to help and betray their countries is on full display, as well as the consequences if they fail. Politics, double agents and spies spying on spies all play a role in how missions will end up.

The Courier movie ticket. Photo courtesy of Raymond Ambrose.

Benedict Cumberbatch sells us as a salesman completely out of his depth in the world of international espionage. The rest of the cast also delivers, both as those whose entire lives are behind the scenes, and those who have to suffer due to their successes and failures.

The story itself is thrilling, getting the viewer invested in whether they succeed or fail. For anybody who does know the true story, do not spoil it, as the movie leaves their chances in the air until the moment of truth arrives.

Inside of Cinemark Theaters. Photo courtesy of Raymond Ambrose

Overall, this movie looks to be the next Bridge of Spies, and for the most part, it succeeds. With a true story most people likely have never heard of, it makes you root for their successes and become crestfallen with their failures. The cast delivers, making you feel for and understand all the characters. With good pacing and some dry humor to mix with the moments of dread, it will leave you understanding the Cold War just a little bit better and knowing just what it took to defeat the Soviet Union.