Student Life

The Black Student Union advocates on and off-campus

St. Ambrose University offers over 50 clubs and organizations that work to better the experience of the students on campus. These groups reflect the large array of student interests and are welcoming to any person interested. One club that does an abundance of work on and off-campus is the Black Student Union.

Yasmin Toto, the BSU president, spoke about what the club is truly about and what the members of the BSU strive to achieve. Being involved in this group since her first year, Toto has worked to bring recognition to this club from the school and the Quad Cities community.

Toto explained that the mission of this organization is to be an open “support group for Black/African American students” that are admitted to the university. This group works to serve as a “central voice for the articulation of concerns and aspirations of Black/African American students at the university.”

Toto further reiterated the active role that BSU plays both on and off-campus, looking to inspire unity and a common “platform to engage and connect with the University and the Quad Cities.” This allows for students to have the opportunity to become leaders and follow passions.

Some work this group does in the Quad Cities community ranges from events pre-planned by the community as well as events planned by BSU. Recently, BSU members participated in the Stop the Violence panel/rally. Members also travel to high school conventions in the area and speak about their “experiences of getting into college as a minority,” said Tyreece Morgan. Another event that BSU set up was a collaboration meeting with Augustana college.

With the Augustana BSU group meeting the SAU BSU group, ideas were thrown back and forth while a sense of community between the schools grew. The St. Ambrose BSU has also held fundraisers with various chains in the Quad Cities, including Cold Stone.

During 2021 homecoming week, the BSU put on a 90’s and early 2000’s themed dance in the Rogalski center ballrooms. This event was a great success with over 70 students in attendance. 

St. Ambrose students participating in the 90’s & 2000’s dance. Photo courtesy BSU.

The Black Student Union has an elected board of leaders that helps the organization flow and set up events. Along with Toto being president, the other club officers are Malcolm Walker as the vice president, Tyreece Morgan as the secretary and Ty Lewis as the treasurer. 

This club meets every Tuesday night at 8:00 p.m in McMullen and is very inclusive. The BSU has members from all types of backgrounds and welcomes anyone who would like to join.

If looking to get involved, contact any of the officers of the Black Student Union.