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The Ambrosian Who Does It All

Above: Cora Schultz poses with her french horn. Photo courtesy of Cora Schultz.

It’s Band Day at St. Ambrose. Amazing music echoes in Allaert Auditorium, the audience is watching in awe. Out of the corner of their eyes, they see someone running back and forth on stage, playing different instruments during each song. First she played french horn, now she’s playing the drums, now the keyboard, now… who is this student? Meet the one and only Cora Schultz. 

SAU Senior Cora Schultz  is a integrated studies major with a focus in education and speech pathology, who also has a passion for percussion. 

Cora says that once she started in education she knew she wanted to do the masters program for speech pathology. However, education route was really repetitive and she decided that she really wasn’t feeling it. When she was taught about integrative majors, she quickly found out that she could do both. 

“Growing up I was a natural teacher,” she said, “I did Penguin Project and realized that my interests fell more towards Speech Language Pathology.” 

The Peguin Project is a project for adults with special needs that want to perform on stage. It’s an ongoing project within the Quad Cities 

Even though Cora’s majors are education and speech pathology, she is very involved in the music program at St. Ambrose University. “I continued music at Ambrose because I fell in love with it in high school and knew I didn’t want to give it up.”

Cora started playing piano at a very young age, and in 5th grade, joined band where she played the French horn and briefly took private lessons. In high school she joined marching band where she then learned how to play the mellophone (the walking french horn). In her junior year of high school, Cora decided to join the jazz band and learned how to play the vibes. 

Cora says her family wanted her and her siblings to try a variety of different things, just to see if they would like any of them. This included music, sports, and theatre. She explaines that her dad missed out on a lot of different opportunities (such as theatre) when he was younger, and that he didn’t want the same for his children. 

When she was in high school, she says thought that she had a good grasp of music theory, especially since she has extensive knowledge of differing instruments. With this, she wanted music to be apart of her minor. At SAU, things became a little different. Quickly learning that she liked music as a hobby over it being any major or minor. 

Throughout her college career, she has played the bass drum, symbols, synth, snare, and quad drums. 

“Enz, I like him, I do.” said Cora when I asked her about St. Ambrose University’s music director, Proffesor Nicholas Enz. 

“I think he is kind of the reason why I picked up so many instruments,” she says. She says that Enz has believed in her since she first arrived at St. Ambrose, and he constantly wanted her to pick up new instruments. 

Cora smiles and says that she can learn instruments very quickly. She learns them hands-on and then can start reading the music and understanding the instruments swiftly. 

After graduation she says that she plans on continuing her education getting her masters to become a Speech Language Pathologist. 

“I am hoping to continue music after college by joining the Tundra Line, which is the Green Bay Packers drumline.” she also said that “I want to focus on my career for the first couple of years before joining the Tundra Line.” 

Cora gradates this May, and is very excited about what the future holds for her! 

Keegan Aberson-Distler is a staff writer for The Buzz.