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Midweek Matchmaking: Will AI Fall in Love with Me? (Part ...

Last week, Evie dove into the 36 Questions That Lead to Love in the attempt to make an AI chatbot fall in love with her. This is the dramatic ending to that story and you ...
February 22, 2024
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Midweek Matchmaking (Part 1): Will AI Fall in Love with ...

It’s the day of love but for those of you who don’t have a Valentine, join host of Midweek Musings, Evie Breitbach, as she attempts to get artificial intelligence to fall in love with her ...
February 15, 2024
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Midweek Musings: The Age of AI

We’ve all heard of it, seen it in action, and maybe even used it ourselves: artificial intelligence. On this week’s episode of Midweek Musings, Evie breaks down the history and use of AI, as well ...
February 8, 2024
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Local Dirt: Episode 4 – A.I. Podcast Takeover

This week’s episode was a little different from the others. Our in-house A.I. interviewer, Sicily, planned her world domination scheme, starting with Local Dirt. She did, however, have some insightful questions and information to share ...
June 9, 2023
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AI Arrives At SAU

SAU Weekly’s Cooper Alt explains the emergence of the new chatbot ChatGPT and the issues it poses to higher education.
June 5, 2023
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SAU Weekly: March 17, 2023

From AI to VR, we’re talking tech in this week’s new edition of SAU Weekly! We also showcase this week’s Francis at Ten conference and celebrate two historic wins for our cheer and dance teams.
June 5, 2023