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Students & faculty brave the cold temperatures for a solidarity march for Ukraine

St. Ambrose students and professors gathered on the Rogalski Center patio on March 11 to show their support of Ukraine and its citizens during its time of crisis. They all huddled around each other in small groups to keep warm on the cold and gusty Friday afternoon before the march around campus, sponsored by the Model United Nations, kicked off.

Model UN member and march coordinator Laura Meloy spoke briefly on the war in Ukraine before giving the microphone to Nikolai Valencia, a freshman from Ecuador who is half-Ukrainian. Valencia was almost brought to tears as he recalled wanting to see his relatives in Ukraine before the crisis started.

Local media outlets were on hand to watch the crowd chant their support of Ukraine with homemade signs and posters. Soon, they started marching up the hill to Christ the King Chapel, around Lewis Hall, and in front of Davis Hall to start the march. The crowd made it past the front of Ambrose Hall and Cosgrove Hall before descending upon Residence Row on the east side of campus, eventually turning into the Townhouse parking lot and back to where they started at the Rogalski Center patio.

Check out the photos from the March 11 march.