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Students Are Clucking With Joy

Sodexo rises early every day to bring its best and tastiest to the campus population, including one of its newest vendors located in the Rogalski Food Court.

Sodexo and St. Ambrose have introduced a new food station for students to enjoy. The Wingery, specializes in chicken and cauliflower wings, which in the past have been successful at Rogalski and in the Cosgrove cafeteria.

Photo Courtesy of Lindsey Voss

“We count our sales daily, and in one day we brought in almost seven thousand dollars which is incredible,” CJ Busch, Sodexo’s marketing manager, said.

In years past, the tradition of wing day drove students from all over campus to grab some crispy tenders. As of August 2022, students no longer have to wait for wing day to roll around, or wait for Tres in Rogalski to rotate out.

“The wing bar is much more popular than wing week was because of the different sauces,” Emma Wagener, Sodexo’s marketing manager, said.

Photo Courtesy of Lindsey Voss

Students around campus have shown their appreciation for the all-year wing bar. In a survey posted to the Buzz Instagram account, 18 students were enjoying having wings all year long, instead of waiting, like the upperclassmen had to in the past. Indeed, it’s a new day at St. Ambrose with the inclusion of The Wingery.

It hasn’t come without potential drawbacks though. In the first weeks of the Wingery opening, the Sodexo staff had one cook handling both the Grill and Wingery. There’s also been a lack of sauce supply, leaving some unhappy with the loss of an option. Despite the changing options their newest chef, Mike Smith, has created new flavors that come and go to keep students interested.