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St. Ambrose University’s Her Campus Program Launches Campaign With Estée Lauder

DAVENPORT, Iowa – Lotions, cleansers, oils, apparel and more, Her Campus (HC) at St. Ambrose University (SAU) is gifting their members and random SAU students with Estée Lauder products for their end-of-year brand deal.

“We’re passionate about serving women. So, we commit to developing high-quality products that perform, while giving back,” reads the Estée Lauder promotional statement. 

Her Campus, a universal women’s support and media group, has received brand deals from many other different companies such as Sun Bum, Yves Saint Laurent, and Garnier to support and promote their club. Estée Lauder has been a long-awaited brand deal, as SAU Her Campus members have favored their makeup and skincare company for years. Each Her Campus member will receive their own free “swag bag” that contains three small skincare products from Estée Lauder.

“Estée Lauder products are currently being shipped to every Her Campus member, and they include lotion, facewash, and facemasks,” says SAU senior Veronica Alfred, the campus correspondent and president of Her Campus for SAU. “Their products will be put into the hands of college students to sample.”

Popular and luxurious makeup and skincare brands such as Estée Lauder can be extremely expensive. Her Campus at SAU has made their members’ desires of trying these products possible, and they couldn’t be more excited.

“When new opportunities come up to possibly work with brands, I’m always all for it because these kinds of things feel like once in a lifetime opportunities,” says Madeline Piper, an SAU Her Campus social media coordinator. “I mean, when else are we going to get a chance to work with huge high-end brands like Estée Lauder?”

SAU’s social media for HC is one of the most important parts of earning brand deals. Her Campus holds multiple social media accounts with platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook in order to receive recognition from popular skincare and makeup brands.

“As a chapter of Her Campus at a small school, brands give us free products that we can share with our student body,” says Veronica Alfred. “We gain exposure through social media and word of mouth on campus for our chapter.”

Her Campus Logo
Photo by Her Campus Media

While social media plays a very important role in receiving brand deals for Her Campus, brands around the world that are looking to send products to college campuses work with Her Campus headquarters to promote their products.

“Brands reach out to Her Campus Headquarters telling them what they want in a campaign and how many chapters they want involved,” says Veronica Alfred. “Her Campus then sends out an application to colleges that fit the criteria and could be interested in applying for certain brands, and then those brands accept chapters to be a part of their campaign.”

Her Campus “chapters” also play a major role in receiving brand deals. Members of HC promote their club events and stories every semester through their own personal page or “chapter” on the Her Campus website. Once brands such as Estée Lauder choose SAU’s Her Campus chapters, the deal is sealed.

“Estée Lauder also gets to work with students who are dedicated to media, marketing, journalism, sales and communication,” says Veronica Alfred. “They get to see how college students would brand their skincare products and merchandise on campuses to intrigue people our age.”

Because of Her Campus members’ impressive media content, communications work and business skills, Estée Lauder chose SAU to promote their skincare products. Members are thrilled to be receiving gifts from luxurious brands to support Her Campus and SAU’s women.

“Prior to these deals, Her Campus just seemed like we wrote and ran events, but now we can show that we can work with these huge, well-known brands,” says Madeline Piper. “Plus, all these campaigns benefit the students because they can get free samples of some great products.”

St. Ambrose University’s Her Campus continues to rise to the top as they have successfully completed their goal of pairing with Estée Lauder. For more information on HC’s brand deal with Estée Lauder and possible promotions with other skincare and makeup brands such as Fenty Beauty, contact [email protected].