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St Ambrose Sweeps Collegiate Invitational

About 56 students go in, only 20 remain. Thanks to our students, St. Ambrose University has put itself on the map with its art program. 

Every other year the Figge Art Museum hosts a Collegiate Invitational, where students submit art in the hopes of being placed in the Figge gallery. This year, all six Ambrosians submitted claimed their place in the 2022 Invitational. 

“I was at home since I couldn’t stay on campus this summer,” Jordan Monnens said. “Bella was texting me, asking if there was an award ceremony. Five minutes later my phone was blowing up.” 

Monnens, a senior in graphic design, couldn’t believe his final for Figure Composition would become the best piece entered into the contest. Prior to college he admitted his expertise was in ceramics and sculpture.  

Photo Courtesy: Lindsey Voss

“Jordan is developing stories in a pleasing, yet complicated, way that provides the viewer an opportunity to observe the work as aesthetically appealing or delve into a more complex realm of marks, movements, and creation,” Joseph Lappie, Chair of the Art Department, said. 

While Monnens won the overall competition, five other Ambrose students were featured – Autumn Huff, Abby Lownik, Becky Miessen, Rachael Young, and Isabella Zopf. 

Photo Courtesy: Lindsey Voss

“The space was pretty packed with art, and it was a beautiful variety of many different mediums of art,” Zopf said. “I saw lots of students and parents alike, and it was fun to see families and friends follow their student artists around.”

Photo Courtesy: Lindsey Voss

The exhibit has since closed for the year, however it’s likely these artists will be showing their art at other galleries in the future.