Student Life

St. Ambrose Gives Back

As the end of the fall semester drew to a close, St. Ambrose University clubs and organizations hosted donation drives throughout campus. Campus Ministry participated in a clothing drive where they collected a plethora of different items consisting of clothing for all ages, hygiene items, bedding (blankets and sheet sets), and towels. SAAT (Sexual Assault Awareness Team) was also having a donation drive gathering toiletries (soaps, lotions, dental products, etc.) and cleaning supplies (clorox wipes, dish soaps, etc.). 

Both of these SAU organizations want to support the Quad Cities community. “Giving back to the community is a big part of what it means to be Ambrosian. By participating in a clothing drive, you are not only being Ambrosian, but you are also pouring out Christ’s love into the world,” said Anna Verry, a Peer Campus Minister of SAU. 

“SAAT’s mission is to support all survivors of interpersonal violence, including domestic/relationship violence survivors. This donation drive is our small contribution to supporting survivors and the community organizations dedicated to assisting them,” said Julia Fogleman,  President of SAAT.

The holiday season is an important time to donate because it is a time of giving, as well as a time of great need for people who are less fortunate. 

“By participating in the clothing drive, SAU is helping so many people this holiday and winter season by giving clothes for others to wear and to stay warm. A simple act of kindness, by donating no longer wanted items of clothing, can make one’s day as an item of clothing gets a new home and wearer,” Verry said. 

“We wanted to find a way to give back this holiday season, specifically to Family Resources which provides a number of mental health and survivor services in Iowa and Illinois,” Fogleman elaborated.

Campus Ministry and SAAT are both donating their items to Quad Cities based organizations. Minnie’s Maison is a volunteer-run non-profit organization that gives clothes to people who need them, entirely free of charge. 

“Campus Ministry chose to donate the clothing to Minnie’s Maison because we have established a great relationship with the organization over the years. The Director of Campus Ministry, Tammy Norcross-Reitzler, is on the Board at Minnie’s Maison and volunteers there frequently,” said Verry. 

Fogleman says, “Family Resources runs a domestic violence shelter so all products will be donated for residents to use. All of SAAT’s confidential peer advocates have been trained by Family Resources staff and we wanted to find a way to give back as a thank you for all their support!” 

Both of these donation drives have been successful thanks to the SAU campus community. Verry says, “On Saturday, December 2nd, I was able to, with the help of another Peer Campus Minister, donate 10 filled trash bags of donated items. The campus ministry clothing drive has been super successful thus far!” 

Fogleman says, “We have been amazed at the number of donations we’ve received so far! Thanks to so many generous SAU community members we’ll have to make multiple trips to drop off all of the boxes!”

Campus Ministry and SAAT have enjoyed hosting these donation drives and are excited to participate in future drives. Look out for donation drives around campus next semester!