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Sports Management on the field

Jalen Avery is an outfielder for the Fighting Bee’s Baseball team. He came to St. Ambrose after playing at Oakton Community College for two years because he had prior teammates that recommended SAU. Avery is majoring in sports management because he has always wanted to be around the game of baseball, with hopes of coaching at the professional and collegiate level once he is done playing. 

“Being a sports management major benefits me in my sport because I gain more insight on what it takes to be a sports management major from being a part of a sport,” Avery ,said . “So everything I am studying and learning I am able to relate to on the field as well.”

Avery started playing baseball at the age of five because his mother put him in the sport to make friends.e has fallen in love ever since. 

“Baseball was the only sport I could play growing up because I had a heart condition, it being a stop and go sport allowed my heart to not overwork,” Avery said. 

Being around and involved in sports everyday, makes it much more interesting and easy for Avery to be engaged within his major. 

“I would probably say my favorite class is Practicum in Sports Management because it allowed me to test my feet in the field and see what part of Sports Management I would not like to partake in” says Avery. 

Jacob Bosse is a Left-Handed Pitcher for the Fighting Bee’s Baseball team. He came to St. Ambrose after playing at South Suburban for two years because it was the best overall fit for him to succeed in baseball. Bosse is also majoring in sports management with hopes of being a sports agent or a facilities manager. 

“I have always wanted to have some sort of role in the sports industry, whether it be baseball, basketball, or even football,” Bosse said. “Even if I do not make it to professional baseball, it would be a dream to work for a team one day.”

Bosse plays baseball because it was the sport he enjoyed most at a collegiate level. He has tried football and basketball, but has had the most success in baseball. 

“I started playing baseball when I was about 5,” Bosse said. “Like most parents, my parents put me in multiple sports at a very young age and I just ended up being the best at baseball.” 

Bosse really enjoys the atmosphere of being a sports management major. The professors are always willing to help and his classmates are enjoyable to be around, too. 

“I really enjoy the class I am taking this semester, which is Seminar in Sports Management,” Bosse, said. “We have learned a lot about sales and the marketing side of sports. I’m usually not the best speaker, but this class has helped me a lot so far.”

Being a sports management major gives students an advantage when it comes to communication within your sport and others around you. 

“Being able to build relationships with those around you is a big part of being a team, and so far I have learned a lot about making connections and how a lot of sports facilities work,” Bosse, said.