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SAU Women’s Soccer Season Recap

The St. Ambrose University Women’s Soccer team has undoubtedly challenged their opponents throughout the past few years. With this past season coming to an end, the team experienced a semester of hard work and excitement. The women’s soccer senior class expresses some of the best times in college take place with your teammates around you. One of the main themes for the 2022 SAU soccer team was to win and lose as a team.

Positive team chemistry is essential to senior defensive midfielder Mary Evans. In her fourth year at SAU, Evans has experienced the stresses and rewards of playing a team sport. With this being said, she emphasizes the importance of team bonding in and out of season.

“We do team bonding. A lot during preseason and we try to incorporate it throughout the season but it gets hard with school”, Evans said. “Team bonding has a huge impact on the success of the team. The more you know your teammates outside the game the more you respect and want to win for and with each other on the field”.

Another goal that the team focused on for this season was to hold each other accountable. With immense passion and drive, Evans properly demonstrates what it means to be a role model for her fellow peers. For SAU women’s soccer, accountability is vital when pushing a player to their full potential.

“Talk to other people more than just about soccer. I am expressive and my teammates know what I expect from them and they know what I give to the team”, Evans said. “It’s a competitive group so the atmosphere was intense but supportive. It was exciting every day to improve with the team”.

Being a student athlete comes with many responsibilities; however, love for a sport can make stressful times much easier. Many women’s soccer players have come to the consensus that the game decreases pressure in their everyday lives. 

“It’s an outlet for so many emotions. Personally, I owe my sanity to the game honestly”, Evans said. It takes me back to my childhood and reminds me that I need to appreciate the time I have left before I inevitably have to get my knees and hips replaced”.

Senior forward Margaret Hamilton emphasizes how welcoming the SAU women’s soccer team is toward new players. As a transfer student, Hamilton has played on the team for three consecutive seasons. Among others, she represents the importance of team inclusivity.

“The team chemistry on the field is noticeable through the vocal and emotional support we give each other in practice and games”, Hamilton said. “It meshes really well off of the field too because when we see each other we are all super comfortable and welcoming. We don’t have little cliques on our team. Everyone gets along great and that alone makes the game more exciting”

Follow the team on their journey to prepare for the next season! Scheduling and statistics are located on the official SAU athletics website!