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SAU supports Muslim students during Ramadan

The Muslim holiday of Ramadan began on Monday. This 30-day period during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar is a time of fasting from sunrise to sunset as a way of active worship in the Muslim religion.

SAU has made accommodations for students practicing Ramadan despite being a Catholic institution.

“It’s actually been interesting because it gave me the opportunity to learn about other people around me who aren’t Muslim,” SAU senior Ritaj Algburi said. “My time at Ambrose has made me go outside of my comfort zone and talk about my religion with other students.”

St. Ambrose has a non-denominational prayer space on the third floor of Ambrose Hall next to the Lewis Board Room. A Muslim prayer room is also located on the first floor of McCarthy Hall.

“I believe that Ambrose is doing their best to support the Muslim students and the community on campus,” Algburi said.

Sodexo Food Services help accommodate students practicing Ramadan with meal plan options offered later in the day.