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SAU students eligible for Coronavirus relief

College students in need of financial aid can now be part of a new federal relief program, which is different from previous programs.

The Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act was issued in February by the U.S. Department of Education. SAU Director of Financial Aid Julie Haack says its different from previous programs.

“About 95 percent were earmarked for Pell Grant students,” Haack said. “The remainder was then sent out to non-pell and the grants were still determined by financial need.”

The relief program allocated $2.1 million to the university. By law, half of this amount will be used for students in financial need. Haack describes what is different from the previous Care’s Act sent out last year.

“I’m looking at every single request,” Haack said. “They could now authorize us to put the funds on their account if they had a balance or restricted, which wasn’t an option last time. We can now go out with an authorization form for them to add to their bill.”

In the previous Care’s Act, online and international students were unable to receive aid. The Supplemental Appropriations Act allows these students to receive aid.

Students can fill out the Coronavirus Response and Relief fund request form on the SAU website.