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SAU Students Divided on Taylor Swift’s New “Love Story”- “Are You Ready For It?”

Taylor Swift’s latest romance with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has captured
headlines. With passions running high, the opinions of St. Ambrose students differ greatly.

Some students have spoken out as vocal critics, raising concerns about not only Taylor Swift, but
her dedicated fanbase of “Swifties.” Jacob Moisa, a student at St. Ambrose, stated bluntly, “Her
fans are obnoxious. They think she’s the greatest singer songwriter of all time. It’s pathetic.”
Jacob didn’t stop there. He admitted he wasn’t exactly thrilled about Swift and Kelce’s new
romance. “It’s overplayed. It was cool the first time, but now I’m trying to watch Sunday night
football and every other second is Taylor Swift. Travis Kelce is better off without her.”

Jacob’s sentiments were echoed by Winston Huston, a SAU senior, who opted for brevity, “I
don’t like her.” Winston directed his critique towards Swift’s fan base as well, labeling her fans
as “annoying and kinda weird.” Interestingly, Winston admits that his initial reaction to the new
relationship was one of skepticism. “I thought she and Travis Kelce were trolling and it was a
commitment to the bit.” However, Winston’s feelings have changed as he admitted, “Good for
them, it’s just gonna be annoying because of the Swifties.”

Amidst the critics, there are those who stand strongly by Taylor. Ryan Russo, who shares a
hometown and birthplace of West Reading Pennsylvania with the singer, didn’t hold back his
admiration, “I love her. I live and breathe her.” Ryan eagerly embraced the newfound connection
between Kelce and Swift, even proving their compatibility with a play on their numbers. “He’s
number 87 and her number is 13. 87+13=100. They’re 100% meant to be together.” Ryan even
speculates that Swift may have broadened Kelce’s fanbase, asserting, “Who was the most
famous player on the Chiefs before? Mahomes. Now it’s Kelce.”

Megan Weisrock, a devoted Taylor Swift fan and SAU student, also entertained the idea that
Taylor played a role in boosting Kelce’s fame, stating “Taylor Swift made Travis Kelce famous
to me.” However, she admitted she was never much of a football fan to begin with, “I couldn’t
care less about sports. I would much rather watch Taylor Swift than some men run around with a
ball.” Megan’s primary concern, like that of others, was of Swift’s already busy schedule,
wondering “Where can she pencil in a boyfriend? How does she have time to date?”

Adding to the mix, History major Luka Pearson expressed his appreciation for Taylor Swift’s
evolution as an artist, “I think she’s pretty refined now. Her voice is amazing.” However, he
couldn’t resist taking a playful dig at Kelce’s performance on the field noting, “I think he’s the
worst receiver I’ve seen in my life. You’d think he’d pull points with her in the stands, but no.”
Luka also expressed apprehension over the potential consequences of a breakup, sharing, “I’d be
scared to break up with her. She’d put all my insecurities on blast.”

Sarah Turner is a staff writer for The Buzz.