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SAU students discuss the future of America

St. Ambrose students express their opinions on the future of our country during a time of great division and uncertainty. 

“Given the recent insurrection, disputes over the election results, and President Biden’s inauguration, how do you feel about the country’s future?”

Name: Adyson Mckinney

Grade: Junior

Major: Political Science & Communications

Hometown: Fort Dodge, IA

“I feel like this was a wake up call. So many people in my hometown who didn’t believe in the election results changed their position after the insurrection at the capital. I hate that it took an act like this to wake everyone up, but I believe we will be okay.”

Name: David Meyer

Grade: Sophomore

Major: Digital Media Production 

Hometown: Chicago, IL

“I’m not super excited about the future. There’s lots of disinformation that makes life a lot more confusing, and I don’t believe that Biden is going to enact the sweeping liberal changes that some people think. Recent times have shown that the political system of the United States is fundamentally flawed. It also has demonstrated the corruption of and lack of accountability shown by politicians.”

Name: Lydia Trimble

Class: Junior

Major: Public Relations & Strategic Communications, Minor in Marketing & Psychology 

Hometown: Davenport, IA

“It is nice to have an experienced politician holding the highest position in our government. Today, there is little room for nuance in our political discussions, which makes the job of the president even more difficult. Our government is truly flawed, but we have taken strides toward a brighter future for all who call the U.S. their home.” 

Name: Emily LePretre

Class: Junior

Major: Nursing

Hometown: Chicago, IL

“Despite all of the recent craziness that’s happened, I am feeling very hopeful about the country’s future. The inauguration was very moving and helped me to see all the support Biden has to be reassured he has good people standing behind him. His term as president is comparable to Lincoln and all the rebuilding he had to do after the Civil War. I hope he’s the man for the job but I am faithful that he’ll at least get us started on a stable path back to some normalcy and much needed changes!” 

Name: Tyler Hill

Class: Junior

Major: Human Performance & Fitness 

Hometown: Burlington, IA

“Our country’s future is really dependent on how we as Americans can react to change. We are living through a pandemic, a presidential election, and a civil rights movement. For our country to be unified again, it is going to have to start with the people learning to set aside differences and come together as one rather than letting our politicians try and solve problems that are larger than them.” 

Name: Ryan McPherson

Class: Junior

Major: Psychology, minor in marketing 

Hometown: Sterling, IL

“I feel hopeful for the country’s future. The events of 2020 are historical, and we can only grow as a nation from here on out.”