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SAU Men’s Volleyball Prepares For Spring Season

The St. Ambrose University Men’s Volleyball team has been intensely preparing for their 2023 spring season for a few months now. In recent years, the men’s volleyball program has experienced coaching staff changes. With this being said, the dynamic of the team has changed as the players have adapted to a new style of the game.

Senior outsider hitter Colin Teresi emphasizes the goals for this upcoming season with immense excitement. The players of the SAU men’s volleyball team have acknowledged that the mental aspect of the game is vital to find success. With dedication and hard work, Teresi believes the 2023 season will bring new things to the program.

“We have a lot of freshmen that look pretty good”, Teresi said. There are a lot of positions that needed to be filled after last year. We have new outside hitters and setters”. 

Senior rightside Mathew Pettke emphasizes that success does not come easily. When playing a team sport it is important to acknowledge the mental, emotional, and physical part of the sport. After team chemistry is established, the team may find it easier to compete.

“We have a lot of new pieces, new weapons to utilize. I am excited to see how our coach is going to put together lineups and see how things work”, Pekke said. “We are really working from the ground up. I am excited to find out what works best for our new team”. 

As the seniors this year each have taken on more responsibilities, they have found it interesting to become role models for younger players. With the team being majority underclassman, the older players have demonstrated what it means to be looked up to.

“Just play the game and have fun. Don’t worry about who is on the other side of the court or who is in the stands” Teresi said. “It’s important to let mistakes go. The game only lasts for so long. My advice is to really just play your game and focus on what you can do to better the team”.

Team bonding is glorified for the SAU men’s volleyball team. When it comes down to it, the team shows progression when the atmosphere is positive. The only way to create a positive environment is to get to know other players on the team and find common ground and respect within basic conversation and interests.

“Coach Ray likes to get the team together for dinner a lot”, Teresi said. “When there is a recruit in town we like to do something fun like play beach volleyball if the weather is good”.

One event that Pekke is looking forward to is the conference game against Clarke University. As one of the team’s rivals, Clarke University has brought a large crowd in the gym the past few years; however, the competition is personal for Pekke.

“I am really looking forward to playing Clarke because my best friend and my little brother both play on that team”, Pekke said. “So to get in and play against them would be a lot of fun”. 

Stay tuned for upcoming events in the 2023 SAU Men’s Volleyball season next semester! To view scheduling and statistics visit the SAU Athletics webpage