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SAU Homecoming Over Recent Years

Homecoming traditions are some of the most valuable experiences for students at St. Ambrose University. However, these traditions were postponed when COVID-19 sent the world into isolation in early 2020. Homecoming festivities were in full swing again this fall for 2021 and created great memories for students and alumni. 

The events that students enjoyed in 2019 such as pep rallies, crafts and games, food truck festivals, homecoming dances and community fun were adjusted to fit COVID protocols and keep students safe. Socially distant activities such as scavenger hunts, trivia, outdoor movies and an outdoor crowning of king and queen continued our homecoming traditions for 2020. 

This year homecoming events were in full swing and alumni were welcomed back to campus to celebrate SAU traditions and the inauguration of Dr. Amy Novak as our new President of the University. 

Student activities this year included the Lip Sync Battle, bubble soccer, t-shirt giveaways, admission to the trampoline park, bowling and coronation of king and queen at the pep rally. Members of the community were invited to the women’s volleyball game, the theatre’s production “The Lesson,” alumni reunions, campus walking tours, the Killer Bee 5k and Bumble Rumble, a Taste of Ambrose, the football game and homecoming mass. 

Sam Cramer, an SAU senior, is looking forward to enjoying one last homecoming with normal festivities. 

“Looking back I have had some of my favorite memories during homecoming and I feel that it is the biggest activity that brings everyone together… I think having the first Presidential inauguration in over 14 years has made the week even more exciting… [and added to] the overall spirit of homecoming and welcoming of President Novak,” Cramer explained.

Cramer has been fortunate enough to experience homecoming at SAU before covid protocols, which many underclassmen and transfers have not. Lexi Huntley ‘24 recalls an “air of anticipation and excitement” building up throughout the week into her first “normal” homecoming weekend. She plans to participate in many traditions and new festivities regarding Dr. Amy Novak’s inauguration. 

The SAU community greatly enjoyed the revitalization of homecoming events and created more fond memories of their time at SAU.