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SAU choir hosts first in-person concert since 2019

This past weekend, the St. Ambrose Music Department held its first fall choir concert of the academic year. The Chamber Singers and University Chorale were the two groups to perform that evening, singing about four songs each. This was the first “somewhat normal” concert since 2019.

“I’ve been at SAU eight years, and this is probably the best I’ve, felt about a first-semester concert experience,” said Nathan Windt, vocal music director. “The audience was really enthusiastic, and I think it was great for us to be back in almost normal circumstances.”

There were many different styles of music performed, but one moment during one of the songs stuck out to Windt the most. 

“My personal favorite was the third song we sang which is by one of my favorite composers,” Windt said. “There was a beautiful “Amen” section at the end that I enjoyed very much.”

Windt decided to step out of his comfort zone and choose a style of music that isn’t typically performed. 

“Chamber Singers had a very cool vocal jazz piece and we normally don’t do vocal jazz but we are trying to get a tour-ready,” Windt said. “So this was nice for us to stretch a little bit, and I think the singers really enjoyed that too.”

As this concert was the first in-person in over a year, Windt stresses the importance of live performances. 

“The whole idea of the arts and music and performances is about having this live, living experience with other people to hear,” Windt said. “ So even with imperfections, I think the energy of an audience and being able to share music with them was really what makes the in-person experience for me.”

Windt says he is working to slowly make choir feel normal again. 

“While nothing in this concert was fluff, we are trying to error on a little bit on the side of slightly easier. So that our singers, as we start to build up our routines. Kind of like an athlete, if you don’t work out for a year you are going to be a little bit fatigued,” Windt said. “ I think by the spring if things continue to go pretty well we could be looking at really almost entirely normal. It’s what I’m hopeful for.”

The Chamber Singers and University Chorale are now preparing for their next two concerts, which will take place in December.