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SAU Black Student Union now has a podcast

St. Ambrose University’s Black Student Union (BSU) now has a podcast called “The Black Conscience” that’s available on Spotify.

The Black Conscience is hosted by Black Student Union President and SAU senior, Leonard Jones.  

 On the podcast, Jones speaks with different African American guests that are experts in various fields. These guests either work at SAU or work in the Quad Cities area. In the episodes, the guests share their experiences and what they’ve learned about African American culture. 

“In the Bible, it includes multiple parables. Similar to the Bible, the purpose of the podcast is for there to be stories with morals behind it. What did you get from the podcast? Where will you go from there? It’s not about what you heard. It’s about the overall meaning behind it,” Leonard Jones said. 

There are new episodes every Tuesday at 12 p.m. Episodes are typically around 30 minutes long. The first episode took place on Oct. 6. with guest Grant Tietjen, an Associate Professor in the Criminal Justice Department at SAU. There have been two other episodes with guests Latrice Lacey, Director of Davenport Civil Rights Commission, and Lisa Powell, Professor and Chair of the Theology Department. The next episode will be on Tuesday, Oct. 27 with Brother Preston, a member of the nation of Islam, as the guest. 

“In the first episode, Grant gave a lot of information and built a perspective and got the understanding I want people to get,” Jones said. “The episode with Latrice was great too. I wanted to focus on African American women and their role in this country and give people an understanding of what they have to go through. She shared some great stories on that episode.”

Originally, BSU planned on having hour-long in-person seminars last semester, but they needed an alternative solution due to COVID-19 and social distancing. The alternative solution was the podcast.

“I wanted people to step out of their own shoes and see how other people have to live. I wanted to figure out how people have developed a certain perspective. The alternative solution was the podcast, which I’m really happy about too. So far it’s been really good,” Jones said. 

BSU member and SAU senior, Joshua Reid, says that he thinks the conversations within the podcast are conversations that we should be having more often. 

“They’re very educational and could change a lot of people’s perspectives and views on what’s going on in the world,” Reid said.

Outside of the podcast, BSU held a peaceful protest at Vander Veer Park in Davenport. They also are hosting a Halloween fundraiser called “Boo Grams,” where you have the chance to send a gift baggie to anyone on campus for $1. Jones plans for BSU to make use of the MLK center in Rock Island in hopes of having an event close to Thanksgiving where they have a food drive that feeds the homeless.

The BSU has meetings every Wednesday in the Rogalski Ballroom in room #107.  The meetings are open to all students.

“The main purpose of BSU is to give the African American community a voice, but also give black students a safe space where they can be around people that look like them, they can be themselves, and they can be around a group of people without being looked at a certain way they aren’t used to,” Jones said. 

For more information, follow BSU on Instagram: @bsu_sau