Student Life

Person On the Street: Holiday Season 2021

St. Ambrose University Students share the details of how their family is handling COVID-19 and vaccinations for upcoming holiday gatherings.

“How is your family handling COVID this holiday season?”

 “How will your family deal with vaccinated members this season this year?”

Cheyenne Smith

Year: Senior

Major: Graphic Design

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

“Me and my immediate family will be celebrating Thanksgiving together but because of COVID concerns, we won’t be celebrating it with the rest of our family this year.”

Yazmeen Perez

Year: Senior

Major: Spanish major, Leadership Minor

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

“Me and my immediate family members are vaccinated but will stay indoors when possible. Even for shopping we choose to shop online this holiday season.”

Darian Creighton

Year: Senior

Major: Biology

Hometown: Davenport, Iowa

“All of my family members are vaccinated, but we aren’t really doing a gathering this year.”

Rachel Walker

Year: Sophomore

Major: PA

Hometown: Davenport, Iowa

“My family will still meet this holiday season, and we trust That God will protect us no matter what comes our way.”

Raymond Bouye

Year: Senior

Major: Business Management

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

“My family just plans to stay by ourselves… If there’s no need to be around others, vaccinated or not, we just won’t be around them.”

Skyler Brown

Year: Senior

Major: Biology

Hometown: Canton, IL

“My family will be celebrating our holidays this year together due to everyone being vaccinated. Only immediate family gets together so it’s not a big gathering.”

Ruby Farley

Year: Freshman

Major: Human Performance and Excellence

Hometown: Morgan, Utah

“My family is excited because I get to come home for the first time since school has started. Ready for dry turkey and cards.”

Carter Schierbrock

Year: Senior

Major: Physical Therapy

Hometown: Moline, Illinois

“My family is not changing anything this year. We all work in healthcare so we are all vaccinated. We aren’t gathering with extended family but my immediate family will all be together for the holiday.”