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New bees take on college football

The Fighting Bees football team has been working hard this entire season, including the freshman class. 

Aidan Nosek ‘25 has had a fun experience so far as a freshman on varsity. 

“Being an athlete especially in college allows you to meet people with all different backgrounds working towards the same goal,” Nosek said. 

Aidan Nosek is from Mount Vernon, Iowa and attended Mount Vernon highschool. He started playing football in 1st grade with inspiration from his father. College athletics are very different from anything Aidan has ever participated in. 

“I still have not fully adjusted to college fast,” Nosek said. “College football has pushed me to another level.”

He was able to have the advantage to train in high school to play at a collegiate level. He is surrounded by others who inspire him to do his best. He believes an excellent football player is someone who has a sense of maturity, not just a good athlete. 

Kyle Yehling ‘25 also agrees with Nosek. 

“An excellent football player is someone who is able to work with a team, smart, fast, tall, and strong,” Yehling said. 

Kyle Yehling is from Lockport, Illinois and attended Lockport Township high school. He started playing football when he was in 5th grade with all of his close friends. Yehling’s high school was a similar size to Saint Ambrose, so he was able to adjust fairly quickly. 

Yehling felt prepared for college athletics having balanced academics and athletics for almost 8 years.

Jake Strater is also in a similar situation to Yehling as he trained in high school to play at a collegiate level. Strater noticed a change in mentality and an increased sense of maturity when playing at a collegiate level.

Jake Starter is from Aurora, Illinois and attended Waubonsie Valley high school. Strater started playing football in 2nd grade and was inspired by his father. 

Being on the field can be both empowering and frightening at the same time; Strater feels a sense of satisfaction when he knows he has played well.

“One of the best football games I have ever played was my senior year. We played our rivals and I caught a game winner with 10 seconds left. I could not have been more excited,” Strater said. 

Strater with a tackle. Photo courtesy of Jake Strater.
Strater discussing a play with coach. Photo courtesy of Jake Strater.

Jonathan Thurman ‘25 feels a similar sense of toughness when playing the game. 

Jonathan Thurman is from Normal, Illinois and attended Normal Community West High School. He started playing football when he was 12 years old because he wanted to be a quarterback even though he did not have the typical stature. 

Although Thurman felt prepared to play at a collegiate level, he immediately noticed an increase in competitiveness over high school football.

Thurman’s experience as a freshman on varsity has provided many opportunities to learn and grow. He looks up to leaders who are reliable and role models on and off the field.

“The best part about being on the Saint Ambrose football team is The Brotherhood,” Thurman said.