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Local Dirt: Suzanne Swiss Bakery

In this episode, we learned that you should not chase success but instead find peace and joy in the success that comes naturally. We should also focus on our customers and ensure the connection is meaningful. Suzanne shares a memorable baking experience and tells us about her family’s traditional recipe for Haselnusslebkuchen, a Swiss hazelnut cake. She recommends balancing tradition and innovation in your baking and explains that you must have joy in baking to succeed. Suzanne Tanner is a Swiss baker specializing in croissants, pretzels, and traditional Swiss baked goods.

Find Suzanne Swiss Bakery
Facebook: www.fb.com/suzanneswissbakery

Instagram: www.instagram.com/suzanneswissbaker

Rocks Island Farmers’ Market: www.qcfarmersmarket.online/