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Joining Together, Lifting Every Voice

This month St. Ambrose University’s Theatre Department is joining together with the Black Student Union (BSU) for a special Fail Safe event honoring Black History Month.   

Fail Safe is a late-night open mic hosted by the theatre department and Theatre Appreciation Club (TAC) here on campus. Every month performers around campus join together to share their talents. Fail Safe had its first-ever event earlier this school year. After each performance, the audience doubled, with about sixty people attending the December event.

Head of the theatre department and creator of Fail Safe, Daniel Rairdin-Hale, shares his excitement about this month’s event, 

“This semester, SAU Theatre is kicking off our first Fail Safe Variety Show during Black History month and in that spirit, we are partnering with the Black Student Union for the evening.” 

This special Fail Safe takes place on Thursday, Feb. 23rd at 9 pm. Following along with the celebration of Black History Month, all donations and concession sales will go directly to the BSU. There will be many featured performances by students and this month’s show will begin the show with a rendition of Lift Every Voice and Sing.

St. Ambrose Universities’ Black Student Union is a club on campus designed to advocate for the universities’ African-American population and spread messages of diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the campus. Vice President, Deon Harrison describes the club’s goals, 

“We seek to increase the experience of the campus by making our minority population feel comfortable despite attending at PWI (predominantly white institution). The Black Student Union strives to display a family-centric environment for its members and create/ promote education on diversity-centric matters.”

Harrison is a regular on the Fail Safe stage. He shares his experience of being onstage, 

“I have performed original songs at every Fail Safe that’s been offered and I’ve enjoyed them profusely. Fail safe has been a great opportunity for me to share some of my own songs and perform them in front of a supportive audience, I’ve also witnessed it to be a great chance for others who usually shy away from the spotlight to exercise some of their talents and have fun doing it.”

Harrison helped lead BSU’s first Black History Month Talent show last school year. He shares why BSU wanted to collaborate with Fail Safe,

 “We would like to continue the show and showcase the talent of our black population and those acts that support the struggle…People can expect an amazing show with great poetry, singing, and more. I personally will be performing two acts with others and the show will open with the playing of the black national anthem in honor of black history month.”

Hale hopes to see you there, 

“If you would like to sign up to perform, please follow the QR code on the posters around campus or click the link – whether you are performing with us or enjoying the evening as an audience member, we hope you will join us in supporting the BSU this month!”

Here is the link to sign up for those interested,