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Five ways to reduce stress from academic burnout

As we all know, three months of nearly non-stop school can cause serious academic burnout which makes the halfway point in the semester even more stressful. With deadlines coming closer, caffeine levels are at an all-time high and your nights might be becoming more and more restless. This burnout has placed a huge amount of stress on student’s minds, bodies and mental health, and it can be quite troubling.

Here are some ways for students to deal with this burnout and discover the best methods for them.

  1. Mapping out goals

Writing out all your tasks feels like an accomplishment in itself. Many students struggle with time management skills but giving attention to small sections throughout the week can help with productivity. 

2. Getting a good night’s sleep

We need at least 7 hours of sleep to function properly. A good night’s rest helps you absorb information better, focus and make you more productive. We stress to make deadlines and cram as much information as possible by pulling all-nighters and stocking up on caffeine, but the real solution is sleep.  

3. Remember to take breaks

Going for a walk, listening to music or simply just resting are all great ways to take a study break. Sitting at your desk for hours upon hours can get quite aggravating at times. We cannot operate like machines that are on an endless cycle. We have to space out our time and make room for breaks. Trying to cram information for hours is not beneficial if you want to remember what you are studying

4. Visit the Student Success Center

Here at SAU, this is one of the most beneficial academic resources for students. The student success center is full of tutors who have taken the classes that you are currently in before, so they know exactly how to help you. When meeting with these tutors, they also might have helpful study tips for you that they used when they were in that class. 

5. Change up your study location

A change of scenery might be what you need to find the motivation to have a great couple of hours of studying. As the weather starts to get warmer, you can move your study session outside. The fresh air, sunshine and sounds of nature will create a fresh atmosphere to help you focus. You could also go to the Library if you are looking for a place that is a bit more silent, or if you’re not much of an outdoors person. Nonetheless, studying in a new place rather than your stuffy dorm room could be very beneficial during this stressful time.