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Everyday St. Ambrose Waggles

Many St. Ambrose University students are waggling for the latest news bulletin, The Waggle.

Students enrolled in the 2022 fall term have noticed a difference in their campus inboxes, instead of being inundated with emails on school events, there’s one email full of information.

“At my last institution I did something similar, we called it Chirps. The idea was to funnel as much information as we can into one concise delivery system,” Christopher Waugh, Dean of Students, said.

This bi-weekly newsletter hosts all academic and extracurricular announcements and notices. Waugh also mentioned the only organizations that aren’t included in the Waggle are athletic notifications and St. Ambrose Ministry since those groups already have a system in place. While this has decreased the volume of emails sent to students, there are mixed reactions to the Waggle.

“My initial reaction was to question it because I know a lot of peers that don’t open their emails, which is quite unfortunate because there’s a lot of useful information in our emails,” Declan McDonald, SGA Vice President, said. 

This statement was also acknowledged by Morghan Lemmenes, from Study Abroad. She admits in the past many emails from Study Abroad were overlooked. Lemmenes says because of the Waggle posting the plethora of available opportunities she has meetings from “10 in the morning to 4 o’clock at night.”

“Having prospective clubs get a list of students that are 100 percent interested because you can send personalized emails from CAB, from SGA, from all clubs, and have the Waggle for all students with all opportunities listed. That way students can personalize what they receive and can get the extra notifications,” Allie Lauer, CAB President, said.

Since this is a new notification system there are bound to be modifications to improve the student experience. If students want suggestions, don’t be afraid to email the Dean of Students.