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Elevator construction in Galvin: Month 3

After cutting holes in the floor of each of the three stories, the location of the elevator shaft was more visible to those around the Galvin Fine Arts Center. Those curious were able to see down into the ticket office and basement from the radio station and vice versa. The month of July consisted of laying bricks to create the layout for the actual shaft.

This is the location of the basement portion of the elevator shaft. It is fortified by the metal you see in this picture. There is room to walk behind the shaft, which currently leads to the former office of Dr. Brett Billman.
This is the view from the former ticket office. Workers use the doors for easier access moving material to help build the shaft. Just outside these doors is the construction area where machines help move materials into the radio station upstairs.
Onlookers are still able to see up or down into the different levels. The next step for the workers is to build the actual elevator shaft with the electronics.
This is the view from the radio station. The opposite side doors leading into the radio station have been left open for easier access. The window has also remained open on occasion for the machines to move material upstairs as previously mentioned.
The former space was reserved for podcasting. Seeing as the new elevator will impede on the former space, the room will still be for podcasting, but in a closer, more intimate format according to KALA-FM operations manager David Baker.
Much like the basement area, there is room to walk around the makeshift layout. It is still yet to be determined how this space will be finished on the other two levels.