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Deck the Dorms or Wait for Gourds: St. Ambrose Students Debate When to Begin Holiday Celebrations

SAU Student Ryan Russo’s dorm room is ready for the holidays. Photo courtesy of Sarah Turner.

As the holiday season approaches, the age-old debate about when it is appropriate to start celebrating Christmas has St. Ambrose students split. From the traditionalists, who insist people must wait until after Thanksgiving, to Christmas enthusiasts who embrace the festive spirit as soon as the first chill in the air is felt, the opinions of Ambrosians are as diverse as the holiday traditions themselves.

Winston Huston, a St. Ambrose Senior, urges people to be patient. “I like to try and wait until the day after Thanksgiving. I see everyone celebrating it early, and it is kind of neglecting the other holidays.” He took a mindful approach to his opinion as well adding, “You’ve gotta be where your feet are.”

Winston also admits his opinions of those who celebrate early have changed slightly, “I used to hate the people who celebrate early, but now… I mean I don’t like it but I just let people be.”

Ryan Russo is on the other end of the spectrum of early holiday cheer. He began decorating his dorm the day after Halloween, and justifies this by saying “We aren’t really on campus for Christmas, so we might as well decorate now.”

Ryan is also determined to continue holiday cheer throughout all of the winter months. “January and February are kind of depressing without Christmas decorations.” About those who dislike early celebrations of Christmas cheer Ryan expressed empathy adding “I just hope they find love someday.”

Jacob Moisa, a student at SAU, however, takes a much more traditional stance when it comes to holiday cheer, stating “I love Christmas, but I hate when people celebrate it early.”

Jacob seemed to have concerns over people skipping over other holidays as well, insisting “It’s not even Thanksgiving yet. I haven’t even enjoyed my pumpkin pie.” Annoyed by the premature celebrations, Jacob observes “I’m trying to go to the store and enjoy my Thanksgiving shopping, but all I hear is Mariah Carey.”

When it comes to the life of his tree, Jacob adheres to putting it up the day after Thanksgiving and taking it down promptly on January 2nd. Jacob insists he is no Grinch, however. He says he deeply enjoys going out to eat with his family on Christmas Eve and spending time with those who are important to him.

Kaylee Parsons, an SAU student and avid fan of the holiday declares, “I love Christmas. I think it’s the best holiday.” Kaylee finds herself defying many traditional timelines, as she admits to celebrating “mentally all year.”

When it comes to indulging in festive music, Kaylee doesn’t hold back, “I don’t care. I’ll listen to Christmas music in June.” Kaylee says she views Christmas as “a whole event. I start celebrating openly and decorating in October.” Kaylee finds holiday joy in traditions like driving through neighborhoods decorated with Christmas lights, and her family’s annual white elephant gift exchange.

Megan Weisrock, a fellow Christamas enthusiast and SAU student, shared “I like Christmas enough.” She says she really begins gearing up for the gift giving season after Black Friday, but employs a year round gift buying strategy to stay on top of things. Megan fondly recalled the holiday season while she was studying abroad in Korea, stating “Their Christmas season runs through January. It’s wonderful. I can’t get enough of it.”

Sarah Turner is a staff writer for The Buzz.