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Covid-19 changes college sports

The spread of Covid-19 has halted sports around the world. Athletes at every level have made changes to make sports work during this uncertain time. 

Mia Pranckus, senior on the St. Ambrose University dance team, has dealt with these new changes first hand. As she enters her senior season, she has noticed changes during practice but continues to be optimistic about the dance team’s upcoming season. 

“Things are definitely different this season. The team has to wipe down all of the mats before and after practice, but I think that cleaning helps us to remember how important it is to stay healthy. It is hard because we are not guaranteed a season, but we will continue to practice hard,” Pranckus said. 

Throughout St. Ambrose University, there are extra precautions being taken to lower the risk of spreading Covid-19, and the wellness center is no exception. Signs are plastered all over the walls of the wellness center telling students “no contact sports” and “good hygiene” practices to follow.

Signs posted in the SAU Wellness and Rec Center. Photo courtesy of Allisyn Blaser

“I want to stay on campus and have a season. It is nice to see the university is trying to make things work and allowing us to practice still. I did not know what to expect when coming back. For the most part being back on campus and practicing feels normal and I am extremely grateful for that,” Pranckus said. 

Seniors all over the country are fighting to have a senior sports season. Keeping thousands of students healthy on a small college campus is no easy task. Students and faculty must all work together to slow the spread of Covid-19 on campus.

However, incoming freshmen have only seen college amidst Covid-19. Matt David, a freshman lacrosse player, is entering his first college sports practices masked up. 

“Playing during Covid-19 is definitely different. We have to keep reminding ourselves to keep a safe distance from each other when we are not actively doing stuff. It will just take some getting used to since before we did not have to think about this kind of thing,” David said. 

Throughout this global pandemic, the state of Iowa has been more lenient than most states on precautionary guidelines. Even after months of living with Covid-19 regulations, it is easy to forget some of the simple things that can be done to keep the community safe. 

“I am happy to even be on campus and able to practice because a lot of schools just completely canceled sports. Once we get back into the swing of things I think it will feel pretty normal. I am excited to see what college sports have in store for me. So far I am having a blast,” David said. 

The SAU indoor track appears empty as most sports teams are utilizing the warm weather to practice outside. Photo courtesy of Allisyn Blaser.

Wearing masks and frequently using hand sanitizer can be annoying, but without these things, Covid-19 will continue to be a problem in society. Getting back to normal will take the efforts of every person in the community working together to stop the spread of Covid-19.