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Construction continues on Galvin elevator: Photo Essay

Work continues on the elevator in the Galvin Fine Arts Center. Work has moved to the lobby area as well as upstairs at the radio station, KALA-FM. Look below to see the progress already made. All photos courtesy of Ryan Sandness.

The basement area of the Galvin Fine Arts Center for the elevator has been filled in with concrete and stabilized.
A closer look at the depth of the elevator shaft area.
Lobby of the Galvin Fine Arts Center. Ticket Office draped off as work begins. Located directly above basement work area. A dumpster is stationed directly outside (out the doors to the left of the picture) and fenced off from the parking lot.
Backside of the draped-off lobby area. Looking from the stairwell to the basement.
Construction area at KALA-FM. Picture taken from the stairs off the art wing.
Current look into the old conference room from Studio B.
The old record storage space with ceiling tiles removed connecting the old conference room in the previous picture.
Space marked for the elevator on the upstairs level. Through the left doorway is the inside of the draped-off section.
Continuation from last picture
Close-up of the holes drilled into the area where the elevator will go. The space seen through the hole is the ticket office in the lobby.