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Construction begins on Galvin elevator: Photo Essay

After graduation on May 15, construction began in the basement of the Galvin Fine Arts Center to build an elevator. For the departments in Galvin, this summer will see their workload shift to accommodate the construction process. Take a look at what the start of construction looks like. Photos taken on May 26.

Construction can be heard throughout the building as the foundation for the elevator is created.
The main entrance to the communication department. A fan is placed outside of the sealed construction area to get rid of the fumes and excess dirt/dust.
Temporary path taken by those who work in the TV studio. Affectionately known as the “tunnel.” Entrance located to the right of the entrance in the above picture.
The tunnel has been used as a storage space for the communication department over the years.
After exiting the tunnel, this is the view from the other side of the construction area. The offices located next to the sealed-off area are those of Duke Schneider and Dan Rairdin-Hale.
Future location of the basement-level of the Galvin elevator, which has taken the place of professor Kris Eitrheim’s office, as well as part of professor Brett Billman’s office.
Main digger that began construction in this starting area.
Construction has reached a 10×10 area while being roughly 7-8 feet deep.
Hallway in which wheelbarrow’s full of dirt have gone for disposal. A ramp (to the right, out of picture) separates this section from the previous pictures. This hallway, which goes through the theater scene shop, leads to the loading area of the building. Offices located in this hallway are professors Ann Preston (retired), Alan Sivell and Jim Baumann.
Located directly above, the Galvin ticket office is prepared for the coming steps in the elevator construction process.