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Colleges Against Cancer | Relay for Life

Relay for Life

COVID-19 has shifted how the St. Ambrose University Colleges Against Cancer Relay for Life event will transpire, but it isn’t stopping them.

Colleges Against Cancer/Relay For Life is an organization that raises money for the American Cancer Society. Ambrose’s Relay For Life event is an all-night event to allow participants to celebrate survivors, loved ones still battling cancer and loved ones who have lost their battle. How participants feel in the morning after staying up all night is how cancer patients feel on their best day. 

SAU Relay for Life members 2019. Photo courtesy of SAU Colleges Against Cancer.

Madelyn Murphy, President of SAU Colleges Against Cancer, started the organization on SAU’s campus during her freshman year.

“My mom passed away from a brain tumor when I was 15,” Murphy said. “Throughout her battle, my family participated in Relay For Life and they really helped our family. They made us feel like we weren’t alone. My mom is why I relay and I brought it here to help families just like mine.” 

Murphy, now a senior, is planning this year’s event differently than it has been done in the past as a result of the ongoing pandemic.

“Usually our event is in November, but because of COVID-19, we have to move it to the spring,” Murphy said. “We are hoping to do it in April and we are hoping to do a week-long event so it is more spread out or even a month-long event where different days are different events or activities.”

SAU Relay for Life members 2019. Photo courtesy of SAU Colleges Against Cancer.

Students can get involved with Relay for Life as a committee member or as a relayer (participant). 

“If a student is part of the committee they help us plan the different activities for our Big Event,” Murphy said. “If they are a relayer, we ask that they fundraise all year up until our event and throughout our event.” 

Last November, the group raised over $8000 for the American Cancer Society. 

SAU Relay for Life fundraising total 2019. Photo courtesy of SAU Colleges Against Cancer.

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