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Chapter A: St. Ambrose University

Looking back on these memories from St. Ambrose, it’s hard to believe three and a half years have gone by. What’s even more incredible is the great unknown the next chapter has in store.

St. Ambrose graduate, Lindsey Voss, takes a look back at her experiences as an Ambrosian and shares what life has in store for her next.

Meet Lindsey at Welcome Week, and hear her sing with Bella Voce in the Winter Concert.
Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Voss and St. Ambrose University

Coming to college was harder than expected, especially since living off-campus meant not being directly involved in student life. Only half of the year in and everything shut down due to COVID-19, making the transition that much harder. Learning from home was a particular challenge because of some tricky classes, made more complicated when classes went virtual.

Here are two of the best perks in the journalism program: KALA and Dateline SAU.
Photo Courtesy of KALA and Shelby Leabo

Two academic fields brought me to St. Ambrose, the Journalism program and the Art History department. Journalism accounted for my critical thinking and research skills with hands-on experiences, while Art History allowed the more creative side to come through via in-class discussions. I would have never imagined how intertwined these two programs were during my first year, but as they progressed into the higher levels they’ve gone hand-in-hand, focusing on how messages are expressed on a written and visual level. 

Returning to campus after the shutdown was when a deeper connection began to form between myself and St. Ambrose. Prior to the shutdown, the only times to connect with other students were in class or with the bowling team. After students returned for hybrid classes in the spring, was when our semester of Dateline SAU began, which provided a doorway into the active student life at St. Ambrose.

A huge thank you to the 2021 Dateline SAU crew – including Shelby Leabo and Donald Schneider – considering they provided the door that allowed me to see student life on campus. Sharing stories of Dance Marathon on campus, or students on Bee the Difference Day, all brought me closer to campus life. Not to mention brought both the artistic eye of photography and videography with the timeliness of a newsroom to life.

Ambrose Hall was many things during my time at SAU – classroom, study space, coffee shop, and friend hangout.
Photo Courtesy of Lindsey Voss and Clara Carnes

Behind the academic scene, bowling was my other connection to campus life. While the first two years were cut short due to arm and hand injuries, along with COVID-19, those hurdles fueled my determination toward a successful season. While I wasn’t the best bowler in the program, people could hear me cheer across the center, and know the Fighting Bees were not a team to underestimate.

In March 2020/21, JV Women won the Five Seasons Classic. Then in 2022, I got to know some newcomers, Maddie Ksobiech and Makenna Verdon.
Photo Courtesy of Kayla Lampe and Chase Jamison

By the end of my time at St. Ambrose, it’s become my second home, and all the people I’ve met here have a special place in my heart. After graduation in 2022, which in some ways came as a surprise considering all of the hurdles to get here, I’ll begin working for KWQC-6 as a multimedia journalist. Thank you most of all St. Ambrose, for helping me put my best self forward in my new adult life. May we meet, may we part, and may we meet again.

Looking out for what’s next, but I’ll never forget you SAU.
Photo Courtesy of Clara Carnes