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Behind The Scenes: Student Government Association

The undergraduate direct line of communication to the St. Ambrose University
administration and the Board of Trustees are the very students you sit next to in class. The oldest
club at St. Ambrose, our very own Student Government Association (SGA), acts as the closest
form of representation for the student body.

Senior Class President and Director of Student Relations, Miranda Richards, says, “My
main goal as a Senator is to translate administration policies to the student body. This year,
students have brought security concerns to our attention. I was then able to have conversations
with people in charge to coordinate escorts and parking policies better.” This is one simple
example of how the student body can better utilize the representatives serving them.

SGA is comprised of 27 students, each representing a certain portion of the student body.
Each class is given five senators, with one acting as senator class president, two athletic senators
are recognized for both male and female students, and one non-traditional/commuter senator.

The Executive Board includes the President and Vice President, elected by the entire student
body, as well as the Secretary, and Treasurer. The club’s advisors are the Dean of Students,
Christopher Waugh, and the Director of Student Relations, Jason Richter.

The club formally defines its actions within its own Constitution, as “Encouraging
student leadership, and working to promote relationships between students and faculty/staff
through dialogue with university administrators.” The overall goal is to serve the undergraduate student body and enrich each student’s Ambrosian experience. Throughout every year, SGA
senators work to facilitate and participate in activities on campus, while initiating policy
proposals to benefit the student body.

SGA organizes campus events like the annual Bee the Difference Day. Junior Class
President and Director of the event, Jack Day, describes “it as a day of service, usually in early
November that is organized and funded by the club. Our yearly turnout is usually about 400
students, staff, and family.”

Similarly, Junior Senator, Haylee Thurmond, says “Litterpalooza is hosted in the spring
semester and has the same overall goal of community-wide outreach. On a more personal level,
SGA has hosted a Block Party at the end of the school year during finals week to relieve student
stress.” Direct funding from the administration pays for these events as SGA distributes the
money to various clubs and organizations on campus. So far this school year, Secretary Matt
Aradaugh reports funding has provided the Sexual Assault Awareness Team and the Museum
Enthusiasts Club to organize events and trips this year.

Any new club that wishes to be recognized on campus can do so at SGA, and then be
considered for funding. This year, SGA recognized Sisterhood of the Bees and Habitat for
Humanity, which makes them eligible for funding new projects. Campus improvements are
another way SGA spends their budget. Notable work done in the past includes improving the
Hayes courtyard to be a better studying spot by re-doing the pavement and improving the seating
arrangements. SGA purchased the blue Adirondack chairs placed around campus to encourage
students to spend more time outside. Every action completed by SGA is done with the intent of
improving the student body experience and furthering the Ambrosian mission, Senator Miranda

Richards says, “I want to help, the students most of all, to feel confident and safe here in any way
I can.”

Money requests are the official way to get funding from the club, and the form to do so
can be found on the St. Ambrose website.

Link to the SGA website:

Megan Weisrock is a staff writer for The Buzz and also a Senior Senator in SGA.