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Bees look forward to a fun St. Patrick’s

(Photo courtesy of Buzz archive)

Students on campus are getting ready for summer and Spring Break, but the weather is not letting them enjoy campus facilities without being skeptical about it. 

According to Weather Underground, a high of 78 degrees Fahrenheit and a low of 11 degrees Fahrenheit hit the Quad Cities in February. All types of outfits have been seen around SAU campus, from wearing shorts and a t-shirt or a summer dress, to wearing baggy pants and The North Face jacket.

For those who are from the Midwest, like Ryan Schiestel from Chicago, it may be normal for him to go from shorts weather to pants and jacket weather within a day, but this does not keep him from saying “Hold my beer” when asked about the radical weather changes.

But for others like Mahmoud Mohsen, a senior from Dubai and an avid sun and heat “enthusiast”, he says, “The weather in the Midwest is way too unstable. I’m not used to the temperature dropping by 35 degrees overnight.” Referring to the weather change we had from Feb. 27th to Feb. 28th. 

(Graph provided by Weather Underground)

Same as Dubai, Brazil is known for its warm and sunny weather throughout the whole year. Lucas Pizani, a sophomore from Brazil, says, “I’m not a big fan of these extreme weather changes. When it’s the cold season, I have to wear at least three layers in order to not freeze.” He also added, “When it’s warm season, it is hard to bear the heat and sun.”

It is already rough to come from another country to study in a different language and experience another culture, adding that to how inconsistent the weather can be in the Midwest might be a reason for some internationals to leave the university as some of them highlighted.  

German Worm, Ecuadorian soccer player for SAU, believes, “This weather is too extreme, too much wind even when it’s warm, where I live there`s no wind, back we have no change in weather because we are literally in the Equator, it`s crazy here.”

But now that March is underway and St Patrick’s Day is around the corner, the International Bees are getting ready to swarm the streets and celebrate. But should they be concerned about the weather based on recent experiences? No.

It is projected that on Saturday (3/16/2024), we will have a low of 39º Fahrenheit with a 60º high. So, get ready to celebrate and grab your sweatshirts before traveling in seek for some fun!