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Art Auction Bringing Students Together

In years past, the St. Ambrose Art Auction has collaborated with different student organizations, and this year a total of 13 student groups are getting involved.

The Museum Enthusiasts Club is hosting its annual art auction on November 9th and 10th and has included a plethora of student organizations from all kinds of educational backgrounds. 

Photo Courtesy of Facebook

“We believe taking part in SAU night at the Figge would be a great way to get more involved with other SAU organizations and the community, and share the importance of community and collaboration,” Ashley Williams, President of the Black Student Union, said.

In other years, the art auction has been a major fundraising push for the Museum Enthusiasts Club. During the spring term, the club takes a trip to different Midwestern museums. This event has grown over the years and encompasses more of the student population. 

Photo Courtesy of Facebook

“I am impressed with the turnout of the clubs. It is fantastic with the number of clubs that we have now signed up,” Skylar Bowrey, Vice President of the History Club and Museum Enthusiasts Club, said. “We have around 13 clubs participating, plus KALA! This is a fantastic event to get some art and see what the Figge Art Museum has in store for anyone wanting to come.”

Lucky students and staff who bid on any art at the art auction will be notified via email if they’ve won. As the art auction continues to grow, surely there will be more clubs and organizations eager to attend and spread their message to the general public.