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Ambrosian shares University’s guiding influence

Chad Driscoll is a mentor and St. Ambrose graduate who discussed how the university helped to get him where he is now. As a mentor, he helps children by being a role model and teaching them to succeed in life.

Driscoll joined St. Ambrose in 2004.

“I guess what made me choose St. Ambrose was the feel of the community… it felt welcoming; it felt like the right fit,” Driscoll said.

While at St. Ambrose, Driscoll joined several clubs, including the Campus Activities Board, campus ministry, musical groups and a work study in the Rogalski center information booth.

Rogalski Centre Information Booth. Photo courtesy of Raymond Ambrose.

Driscoll was also a member of Circle K, a student organization which is part of a larger, worldwide service group located on college campuses. It is affiliated with Kiwanis International. Through Circle K, Driscoll joined the local branch of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, a national mentoring organization which aims to help children as they grow up through mentoring.

“… Big Brothers Big Sisters came to talk to us about their mentoring program, about what they do and they were looking to get… a connection with St. Ambrose as a campus and get students involved to be mentors with kids in the community,” Driscoll said, explaining how he first entered the world of mentoring children.

Later, while still as Ambrose, Driscoll joined AmeriCorps, a national volunteer organization, to continue his mentoring work. AmeriCorps members must spend a minimum of 3 months to 1 year working on a volunteer opportunity of his or her choosing.

“… I served as an AmeriCorps member for 2 years with Big Brothers Big Sisters supporting this mentoring program on the campus of St. Ambrose,” Driscoll said.

 Driscoll graduated in 2008 with a double major in psychology and business administration, as well as a double minor in music and organizational leadership.

St. Ambrose Alumni House. Photo courtesy of Raymond Ambrose.

“[I was] definitely able to take full advantage of the experience and of the courses and different departments offered,” Driscoll said about the 4 and a half years it took him to achieve his degrees.

After graduating, Driscoll joined Big Brothers Big Sisters full time to continue his work with AmeriCorps. He now works with Volunteer Iowa to support AmeriCorps’ groups, as well as other volunteer organizations. Volunteer Iowa is a state-run agency which helps volunteer groups in the state of Iowa by finding where the groups will be most useful and giving them assistance to help fulfill their missions.

Now 35 years old, Driscoll lives in Bondurant, Iowa with his wife and children and is actively engaged in his church and local government. 

Driscoll believes that Ambrose offered him opportunities that ultimately prepared him to lead a successful life after graduation. 

“Really, if you want to do something or get involved, I feel like Ambrose will find that opportunity for you,” Driscoll explained. “I think I was really able to take advantage of that and that has allowed me to be successful in my rolls as a volunteer, as an AmeriCorps member and as a professional in the world.”