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A Fresh Trend Comes to the Quad Cites

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Young people around the world are always looking for new ways to stay healthy. No matter if it is a fitness workout or self care routine, health trends have become a popular thing amongst Generation Z. 

 The Quad Cities’ newest acai shop is riding the trend of all of those nutritious superfoods inside a delicious treat. 

Everbowl, known for their acai bowls and fruit smoothies, has now opened their newest location in Bettendorf, Iowa near the TBK sports complex. Everbowl’s says its main purpose is to serve the community with all natural foods that come straight from the earth. 

Acai bowls originated in Brazil and are made from frozen and mashed acai berries, topped with more fruits and other toppings. In 2021, acai bowls started to become the staple for healthy eating for many Americans. According to IBISWorld, “The number of acai bowl shops has reached an impressive 802, and this figure is only expected to rise.” ( 

Hannah, SAU senior, enjoys them. “My favorite part about acai bowls is the granola, I love granola so it’s way better than getting a regular smoothie. I also really like the peanut butter drizzle you can add on top, it’s so good.”

Everbowl offers something very different from other acai shops; what makes it so different is that they offer different bases instead of only acai. These bases include Blue Magic, Coco Love, and Vanilla. Everbowl also allows the option to create your own bowl with customizable bases and toppings, or to choose one of their signature bowl creations. 

St. Ambrose sophomore, Paige Kirkman, has a love for acai bowls but says Everbowl is the best place around. “I like that it offers other flavors that I have never seen before like Blue Magic, Chocolate, and Vanilla. You can also mix the base flavors which is different.”

St. Ambrose freshman, Bianca Erickson says that Everbowl is her new favorite place, “I think it puts a fun and tasty spin on healthy food. There is so much variety so you can change up your bases, fruits, and toppings each time so you will never get bored. I think this is a very unique place to the QC area and everyone should check it out!”

Freshman, Eleanor Flores agrees, “I love Everbowl for its variety! It has the freshest ingredients and such nice employees willing to help you if you are unsure of what to get.”

Everbowl isn’t just popular amongst SAU students; Everbowl employee, Alex Zelazny, shares that “Ever since we have been open late January, it has been super busy especially on weekends and tournament days from the business from TBK. My favorite part about working here is the great environment. I love working with all my co-workers and interacting with the customers.”

Unfortunately, Everbowl does have its flaws, all of Everbowls bases are infused with coconuts which makes it impossible for people to enjoy it if they have any sort of nut allergy. 

SAU junior, Emi Howe says, “Everything is contaminated by coconut which means I couldn’t even try anything because I’m allergic to coconuts, which sucks because I was really looking forward to it.”

Junior St Ambrose student, Dez shares, “Personally, it’s the texture for me. We have an Everbowl back at home and I don’t go often, the flavors are not bad, but I’m just not a fan of the texture.”

Everbowls other competitors, even in the Quad Cities, have other options available that don’t include so many allergens. One example is Fresh blends, a Davenport based nutrition shop that offers smoothies, protein shakes, juices, along with acai bowls. 

St. Ambrose junior, Malena Wade has a preference for Fresh Blends. “I like how they have a wide variety of toppings to choose from which allows you to always change your order up. I also feel like their bowls are much sweeter rather than a more bitter taste like others I have had.” 

Despite what some have to say, Everbowl is still one of the top ranked acai shops in the U.S having multiple 5-star ratings and continues to maintain steady business.