SAU Buzz

Sleep Deficiency and College Students

SAU Kinesiology Club Sending Students to Annual ACSM Conference

Gift to SAU launches new programs

Thomas Higgins recently offered St. Ambrose $1M to expand the health sciences curriculum.

Wellness and Recreation Center dedicated

Wellness Center Dedicaton

Cancer Treatment Breakthrough

New Leukemia Drug Approved By FDA.

School Shooting Kills 1, Injures 3

Bee-ing eco-conscious in a changing world

Making a difference for the environment as a student is tricky. Here are a few tips.


Logic's powerful VMA performance highlighted the need to focus on mental health.

Protein powders: Yes whey or no whey?

Do protein powders really help in maintaining a healthy diet?

Preventing meningitis

A campus-wide email about a student who contracted bacterial meningitis raised a lot of questions among the SAU community.

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