SAU Buzz

Gift to SAU launches new programs

Thomas Higgins recently offered St. Ambrose $1M to expand the health sciences curriculum.

Wellness and Recreation Center dedicated

Wellness Center Dedicaton

Cancer Treatment Breakthrough

New Leukemia Drug Approved By FDA.

School Shooting Kills 1, Injures 3

Bee-ing eco-conscious in a changing world

Making a difference for the environment as a student is tricky. Here are a few tips.


Logic's powerful VMA performance highlighted the need to focus on mental health.

Protein powders: Yes whey or no whey?

Do protein powders really help in maintaining a healthy diet?

Preventing meningitis

A campus-wide email about a student who contracted bacterial meningitis raised a lot of questions among the SAU community.

Danielle’s dorm delights: healthy holiday heath cookies

We provide an easy, healthier version of heath cookies this holiday season.

Stuffing the calories away during the holiday season

This SAU feature recaps the havoc unhealthy holiday eating wreaks on your body.