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Beeswax: Jamie Loftus

Beeswax: Nick Enz

Beeswax: Professor Kit Evans-Ford

Professor Kit is in her first semester here teaching comparative religions in the Theology Department.

Beeswax: Sandy Dau

Beeswax: Sherry Sinott

I sat down with Sherry Sinnott, Assistant Manager of the University Bookstore here on campus.

Beeswax: Dr. Anita Zahs

On biology, pursuing your passions, and being a professor

Beeswax: Danelle Langeneckert

Beeswax: Robert Rouwenhorst

Marketing professor Robert Rouwenhorst found his true calling after wandering down a different career path.

Beeswax: Paula McNutt

The new Dean of Arts and Sciences is excited to start working at SAU.

BEESWAX: Ted Woodruff

Ted Woodruff didn't think he'd love teaching. But he thought wrong.